Accessing My Service

Contacting Me

My email address: (also via Egress; click here for details)

My phone number 07973 765 678

You can contact me to discuss your concerns and whether I may be of help to your child and to you.

IMPORTANT:  Please ensure you read this  before sending any email or text message

What Happens Next

If it is agreed that my input will be helpful, we will make arrangements for a first appointment*.  The purpose is for you and your child to meet with me in person, and for us to get to know each other.  We will also discuss the most appropriate course of action forward.

(* For new clients who are seeking therapy input - I offer a one-off introductory session, which lasts for  90-minute (hour and a half) and is charged an introductory rate of £75. 

Prior to the session, I will send you a case history questionnaire.  You need to fill it in and email back to me, before the appointment.

If you have reports and programmes from the NHS SLT or other professionals working with your child, or copy of his/her EHC Plan if there is one, they will be invaluable in helping us make plans for your child. Please gather them ready for the appointment, so I can have a look at them when I visit you.

(Note: please DO NOT  send me copies of any report, programme, care plan, etc. at this stage)

I will visit you and your child at home at the time we have agreed, and we will make further plans from there.