Data Processing Information

How Information About Your Child Is Processed

1. A record of your child's information is only created upon confirmation of a first appointment to see your child and receipt of a completed case history questionnaire (or registration form, if your child is only participating in a speech & language therapy course organised by myself or an organisation that commission my service).   Your child’s case will be closed, either by agreement with you or after 2 months of no contact to arrange further appointments, and his/her record will be archived.  His/her case can be re-opened upon contact by you to resume SLT input, subject to my availability at the time of request.

2. Information about your child is collected in order to enable me to provide a service to support your child's speech-language and communication needs.  Only relevant information to the speech & language therapy care of your child is collected and kept.

3. The information collected and processed include, as applicable: relevant case history or registration form, session notes, liaison notes, printout of email and text messaging communication (as pdf files), assessment data if assessment is conducted, reports generated by myself, reports generated by others shared via yourself (upon my request only).  Audio and/or video record may be made in some cases but separate consent will be sought from you as and when the situation arises.

4. Communication with you is only for matters relevant to the SLT care for your child, and may include face-to-face meeting, email, text messages, phone calls, or in written form, as necessary and appropriate.

5. Any email communication is conducted in accordance to the email/text messaging guidelines, which can be accessed on my website:  You will be asked to set up an account with Egress Switch (email encryption service) and all email communication is to be conducted via Egress from then on.  Any attachment to emails containing personal information about your child are sent to you as uneditable and encrypted pdf files.  You will be provided with a password for opening the files separately and you are advised not to share the password with anyone.

6. Data of your child is kept predominantly in digital format.  Paper record of e.g. standardised assessment record sheets, signed consent forms, etc. may also be kept where necessary and appropriate.

7. Digital data is kept on encrypted devices - each child is assigned a designated, encrypted USB drive, and his/her data is also backed up on 3 digital storage devices that are encrypted, to guard against accidental damage or loss of data.  These digital devices are stored in locked cabinets.  Only I have access to these records.  No information of your child will be accessed or on display in the presence of personnel other than myself.

8. Paper record is kept in a designated paper file for your child, which is kept secure in a locked cabinet.  Only I have direct access to these records.  No information of your child will be accessed or on display in the presence of personnel other than myself.

9. Information about your child will be processed and stored securely in accordance with relevant legislations on data protection, and in accordance with guidelines from the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (RCSLT).

10. You have a right to access your child's records, by way of a Subject Access Request, under data protection regulations.  This needs to be done in writing with proof of your identity.

11. I only liaise with third parties with your consent.  Any reports or care plans specific to your child that I generate will be sent to you digitally with encryption.  I do not share your child's information or reports with personnel other than yourself, unless prior consent has been sought from you, or in situations where I am legally obligated to share information with a third party.  You will be kept informed if such occasion arises.  Under normal circumstances, you will be expected to take responsibility for sharing my reports with any third party you deem appropriate.  Any third party requesting copies of my reports will be directed to you, with the exception of EHCP reports, where applicable, which will be sent to the Education Authority for EHCP purpose, with your consent.

This information is provided by Sally Leung, Specialist Speech & Language Therapist, and is subject to periodical review and update to reflect any changes in relevant legislations and guidelines from the HCPC and RCSLT.  This information is posted on the CommuniAction website, and is subject to periodical updates.  You will be notified of an update, if your child’s case is still open, and be advised to visit the website.