I provide support for children and their families, educational settings and clinicians.

Services include:

Assessment of speech-language and communication skills.

Therapy to develop speech, language, social communication, functional problem-solving and organisational skills, at home or nursery/school.

Focused "projects" to help the young person deal with specific issues, such as transition to secondary school, or daily functional tasks e.g. shopping, asking for directions or information, arranging an outing with friends, etc.

Development and implementation of supportive systems, e.g. visual structures, work system, scheduling and routines, at home/nursery/school/significant settings outside of school.* 

Development and implementation of low-tech augmentative communication aid, e.g. PECS, Communication book, at home and/or at nursery/school/significant settings outside of school.* 

(*if commissioned by family, then it is the family's responsibility to liaise and arrange with the setting to allow for the work to take place.  The SLT will explain to family what needs to be done)

Development and implementation of self-management tools for individual, e.g. Communication Passports, work plans, self-scripts, Social Stories, etc. to promote independence for the young person.

Consultation service to provide advice on issues pertaining to addressing the speech-language and communication needs of the child, including strategies for home/school/ nursery, and advice on onward referrals to other provisions or service as necessary.

Contribution to EHC Plans.  This may include a detailed assessment and provision of report with recommendations pertaining to speech-language and social communication needs, and/or advice and support to family through the process, within the remit of Speech & Language Therapy.

Training to families, education staff and clinicians